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serviceparkHycos has a team of service engineers that maintenance, overhaul and modification work on hydraulic systems- our own but also systems of others.

We have the capabilities to efficiently overhaul hydrauluic systems on ships all over the world. We do this by carefully scanning the existing system, checking the possibilities for replacement or overhaul for each part, planning the overhaul to be able to guarantee the promised downtime.

We modify many existing systems for a performance upgrade or to meet different requirements. Obviously the redesign is done by our team of engineers.

We have 2 flushing systems that are shipped all over the world to flush piping systems before operation commencement. We also have several mobile workshops to perform piping works. Furthermore, we have several hydraulic power packs for rent.

We are present worldwide, today often in Singapore and China, a few years back often in Dubai, possibly in the future many occasions in Africa.

Interested in our service activities? Call our service support manager, Mr. Rene Verkooijen, +31 623342824

Rene Verkooijen
Rene Verkooijen