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Mammoet crane

Mammoet has built 3 of the largest cranes in the world. To take this further, these cranes can be transported as 40 ft containers- a whole shipload of more then 200 of these !

Hycos has designed and built the power packs and all hydraulic manifolds for these cranes, enabling the cranes to be driven succesfully over the last few years!

mammoet crane

Ring cranes are larger cranes mounted on a ring. Both the ring and the crane are assembled on site. The crane is on wheels on one end of the ring, while the counterweight is on wheels at the opposite side of the ring (12 o’clock and 6 o’clock). Movement of the crane and the counterweight along the ring are synchronized. With this system the crane can have a very large counterweight which provides a large lifting capacity (loads range from 2.000 – 3.200 tons). However due to the fact that the ring is assembled on the ground ring cranes are stationary. Most of the ring-cranes in Mammoet’s fleet are constructed in such a way that the individual components are either container sized or can fit into a container, this allows easier mobilization of the crane.

mammoet cranemammoet crane

Watch a movie of the assembly of the model with full extension kitmammoet below: