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700 BAR powerpacks

We recently delivered 2 jacking powerpacks suitable to drive a number of high pressure jacks.

These small compact jacking sets are capable of driving 12 jacks simultaneously, with an advanced PLC control system capable of controlling the speed of the jacks. A frequency drive controls the pump volume whilst on /off valves decides which jacks extend.

All components are designed for 700 bar use.


Hitachi 1200 EX conversion

Hycos has received an order for the conversion of 2 Hitachi 1200 EX crawler cranes from Hitachi Netherlands. The contract was signed on April 28th by Mr. Pieter Weerts, Director of Hitachi Netherlands, and Mr. Sander Jorissen, Director of Hycos.

The cranes will be adapted for use on the new Van Oord fall pipe vessel “Bravenes“.

This includes the conversion from diesel drive to electrical drive, replacing the diesel engine by a water cooled electric motor, fitting a large diameter rotator for power supply, cooling and signal cabling. Furthermore, the control handles of the crane will be converted to electrical joysticks. Furthermore, Hycos will also deliver a remote control chair, allowing the operators to operate the cranes from a central control room instead of the crane cabin.

This order confirms the long relationship between Hitachi and Hycos for the electrical drive conversion of Hitachi cranes.