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Welcome to our website. 

We are ready to help you with your hydraulic or fire fighting challenges !

This website gives you an overview of our capabilities. 

The menu bar on the left shows the main product categories, expanding to specific projects when you press the buttons.

Hycos designs and constructs turnkey hydraulic drive systems for the marine and offshore industry, most times including the associated control system. Hycos has approx. 8 MEuro turnover and more then 30 employees.

Hycos also produces mobile fire fighting systems for several applications. In building these, we can often use our extensive experience in hydraulics as well in various other pumping systems. More information you can find at

Latest news

Hitachi 1200 EX conversion

Hycos has received an order for the conversion of 2 Hitachi 1200 EX crawler cranes from Hitachi Netherlands.


Winches from stock

Hycos has teamed up with MES trading to be able to supply winches from stock.


Pipe cleaning tool

An innocent name for a 10 meter tall, 3,5 m diameter tool intended for clearing the inside of windmill foundation piles.



We have several Diesel driven HPU's and Flushing sets available for rental. These are easily adjustable to the required flow and pressure your application requires. Read more...